Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loving Purple Right Now

Hum, is it creepy to have a headless picture? This was the best close up.

The Low Down
Yarn: Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold in Lt. Purple and Dk purple
Modifications: Clearly I used a different color to edge the bottom and the sleeves. I also only did 4 A-line increases instead of 6 because it was already looking rather wide.

Strike a pose! It really feels weird to take pictures of yourself

First off, I love, love the yarn. It is a joy to knit with and I'm already plotting what I can make next with it. Second, I love this pattern but am not super happy with how it looks on me.
The top is a bit big . I knit the size XS and it's still big. Also I must have done something wrong with the sleeves because instead of being a cute princess style they just look too big and long. I also think I could have gone a tad longer to have a more tunic look. Maybe, just maybe, I should have gone ahead and done all the increases to have a true A-line shape and then it might be more flattering on me.

I already cast on with a different yarn to make a second one with all kinds of modifications. Will see how it goes.