Thursday, August 16, 2012

At Least the Yarn is Lovely

I had high hopes, maybe too high, for this project.  I had been eyeing the Caramel pattern for some time but had yet to find just the right yarn, enter Madelinetosh DK. Ooooh *swoon* what amazing and lovely yarn. It's a dream to knit with just slipping through my fingers soft and light. The colors that are available are almost too much to bare. I had the hardest time choosing but settled on Milk, Coral and Robin's Egg calling the sweater Seaside Sunset Caramel because together they reminded me of how the sun looks as it dips into the sea just before slipping away. I started knitting it on the plane to San Francisco and you may have even seen it peeking out of my Show Off Bag.

Everything was going fine, I was loving the color combo, the pattern and the yarn. I bound off and tried it on *sigh* the back rode up just a little and I didn't really love it so I ripped it back just a touch and added three short rows to the back.  Fixed!

I blocked it (which took two months to make myself do) and gleefully packed it for a trip up north (if you are from or know Michigan you know where I mean.)I  Pictured being snuggled up on a slightly chilly morning drinking coffee outside while watching the lake wake up. Well fortunately it was hot and super beachy which I la la love more than anything so that was fine. Fast forward to the end of the trip on a very blustery day and it turns out this sweater was the only warm thing I brought. Bah.

Ack! Ignore the thread peaking out, Gah!

The yarn didn't travel well (see the wrinkles) and I wish I had figured out how to make an extra small because the whole thing just feels too big and too floppy for me. To ease the flop I bought a pedestal button which works fine until I bend over *sigh*

Serious Button Action, I need to do some closure thinking to get it just right.

Alright enough with the blah..after looking at the pictures and seeing it on my friend Rae (whom it looks particularly stunning on) I see that it really is a nice sweater for the colors alone. I think I can play with the fit and if not I'm sure I could find a pretty good home for it.