Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two Steps Forward! Slippers!

YES! Loki's Slippers are done. 

They have actually been knit for several weeks, it just took me forever to get the motivation to felt them. Of course now that they are done Loki wants nothing to do with them. 

I had to bribe him to put them on  so I could take a picture:

Mmmmm yummy peppermint JoJo

These were made using a double strand of Lanaloft in the color marmalade . I still have plenty left and have already started in on a pair of mittens. Yes, I am still starting new things without finishing old things

Saturday, November 14, 2009

As Promised, Item #1

Ahhhhhh, finally, I've finished something:
Astas' Pants 

Or Jumper/Overalls

These started out as Cargo from Knitty, but then morphed into my own pattern (I'll provide details in an upcoming post) These can be worn with or without the re-moveable straps. There are buttons on the front and back and the straps have the buttonholes.
These skull buttons on the front of the "pants" were originally going to go on a sweater I made for Loki last year. I think they found a better home here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Still Here

Sorry for the lag time between posts and this "teaser" post

It's just been one of those day/weeks/months.

On top of being a mom I work for a lovely lady named Molly Ging who owns The Little Seedling. I am able to bring both my little ones to work with me and for that I am super thankful and wanted to say thanks out loud in front of the world (well you know, those who see my tiny blog) and to make excuses for not posting.

Anyway, I actually have been doing some knitting. I just have a few teeny tiny finishing touches left
Here's one I just finished before this post.

I hope to have at least 2 ( pants and hat)of the millions of projects I'm working on totally done this weekend, including a post about them.