Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Nothing Done

I have made almost no progress on any of my previously mentioned projects, but do not despair, I've started a new one! Yes, that's right, even though I have several things on needles (not to mention a quilt to finish) I have begun and am actually close to done with a whole new project.

I think I have some sort of aversion to finishing things because they are adding up faster and in bigger piles all over the house.

What is this new project? I am now knitting a pair of slippers for Loki using the Fiber Trends children's felt clog pattern . 
They are orange (Loki's Favorite color) of course! I tried really hard to get him to pick some Cascade 220 that was on sale at Knit A Round (no orange left) but while looking he just kept pulling out random colors until he peeked around the corner and saw some Lanaloft (not on sale) and said "Oh look! Here's orange Mama!"

I really want to finish these before next spring so I've gotten really good at knitting while holding a sleeping baby. Astas has taken to having 20 min or so of arms free napping. This is not good for getting anything done.

I'm also working on the last detail for the pant's I'm making Astas (it will make sense when they are done. Tease, tease , tease)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Baby Sweater I Did Not Knit

I must confess that I have made absolutely no progress at all what so ever on Loki's quilt. Ugh. It's sitting in the corner waiting, waiting...

On the other hand the pants/jumper for Astas are almost done. Seam sewing and straps are all that are needed. I'm almost finished with some very cool changes to the super simple stripy baby hat. (These are teasers I know, but "I need more time!")

In the meantime please enjoy my stall tactics and this lovely sweater that our friend Joann knit for Astas. It was like she read my mind. I had just been thinking I wanted to make a cardigan for the babe but had all these other things I had to do.

 Presto! I come home from work and there is this lovely baby cardigan waiting for us!

(not the best photo, but it will have to do. Sorry)

No one has ever knit for me like this before, I love it! The yarn is a great fall/boy color without screaming "boy". It's soft, squishy and monogramed. Yeah!!

I'm now wanting to make one too. We will see if I have time.

(Sorry for the lack of baby in cardigan pictures, he just wouldn't cooperate and I was impatient to get this post up and running)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Moderne Days Gone By.

I really wanted to show off some things I've done, but must admit they were finished long ago.

I made my first Mason Dixon Moderne Log Cabin baby blanket way back in 2007 for Loki before he was born.

I used 2 strands of Koigu KPPPM held together for the body of the blanket and a single strand of Louet Gems lt. worsted weight.

With the leftover yarn I made matching booties

Oh, little Loki when he was a week old! Doing this post was so fun. I got to look back at picture of my Loki when he was a tiny babe. Ohhh, time passes so quickly.
Let me tell you I wanted to use every scrap of yarn I had. It took 10 skeins of Koigu and 2 of the Gems to make this blanket happen. It was not cheap, it was worth it, but not cheap. I did use the rest to make the booties and was only left with about a yard of each color.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I had a totally different name for this post when I began, but then I saw what I was ending up with, well you'll see...

This is a story about a totally harmless little slipper.

It all started when I made myself a pair of slippers from the
Fiber Trends Felt Clog Pattern about 2 years ago. I wore them all the time and when they started showing some threadbare spots at the begining of last winter, I ignored it. 

I went to put them the other day and remembered 
"Oh yeah, these have holes"
I decided instead of making a new pair (remember the lazy factor) 
I'd just repair the slippers. So far so good.

To make the repair I used a felted thrift store sweater. Still doing ok.
I cut out new soles to put over the old ones and I thought I was going to be brilliant and needle felt some extra patches on but it didn't work at all. Boo. This is where it all started going badly.

 I  resorted to hand whip stitching them on and then doing the same to attach the new soles to the slippers. I searched and searched for the blue yarn that I had made them out of to no avail. I did find the green yarn that I had made my husbands slippers out of. (His are fine by the way) and thats when..

... from the old slippers
Frankenslipper was born

Look away, look away. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  
Scary huh?