Friday, October 2, 2009


I had a totally different name for this post when I began, but then I saw what I was ending up with, well you'll see...

This is a story about a totally harmless little slipper.

It all started when I made myself a pair of slippers from the
Fiber Trends Felt Clog Pattern about 2 years ago. I wore them all the time and when they started showing some threadbare spots at the begining of last winter, I ignored it. 

I went to put them the other day and remembered 
"Oh yeah, these have holes"
I decided instead of making a new pair (remember the lazy factor) 
I'd just repair the slippers. So far so good.

To make the repair I used a felted thrift store sweater. Still doing ok.
I cut out new soles to put over the old ones and I thought I was going to be brilliant and needle felt some extra patches on but it didn't work at all. Boo. This is where it all started going badly.

 I  resorted to hand whip stitching them on and then doing the same to attach the new soles to the slippers. I searched and searched for the blue yarn that I had made them out of to no avail. I did find the green yarn that I had made my husbands slippers out of. (His are fine by the way) and thats when..

... from the old slippers
Frankenslipper was born

Look away, look away. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  
Scary huh?


Torey said...

They look so comfy though!!!!!! Who cares what they look like! No one will see them.

You could even drive through Starbucks with no one noticing!

Kookababy said...

LOL. So true. So true.

Anonymous said...

oh but i think they look so cute! Lol but i am watching nightmare before christmas at the moment so i may have a slight ias towards anything begining with 'franken'.

Kerry said...

lol, I love it!

KnittyAttitude said...

Haha, what a brilliant idea! And they look so soft and warm.