Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Nothing Done

I have made almost no progress on any of my previously mentioned projects, but do not despair, I've started a new one! Yes, that's right, even though I have several things on needles (not to mention a quilt to finish) I have begun and am actually close to done with a whole new project.

I think I have some sort of aversion to finishing things because they are adding up faster and in bigger piles all over the house.

What is this new project? I am now knitting a pair of slippers for Loki using the Fiber Trends children's felt clog pattern . 
They are orange (Loki's Favorite color) of course! I tried really hard to get him to pick some Cascade 220 that was on sale at Knit A Round (no orange left) but while looking he just kept pulling out random colors until he peeked around the corner and saw some Lanaloft (not on sale) and said "Oh look! Here's orange Mama!"

I really want to finish these before next spring so I've gotten really good at knitting while holding a sleeping baby. Astas has taken to having 20 min or so of arms free napping. This is not good for getting anything done.

I'm also working on the last detail for the pant's I'm making Astas (it will make sense when they are done. Tease, tease , tease)

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M said...

Impressive multi-tasking. I wish I had the crafty gene. I think it skipped me.

Great Blog by the way. Im also just joinging the Sitsahood!