Saturday, September 3, 2011

Say It Ain't So!

Seriously, summer is not over until September 23rd...

I managed to squeak in one last summer knitting project just in time to wear for some HOT September days, it's 90 out right now as I type this.

Clever construction starts with the little lace at the front and then you cast on stitches after it's done for the body.

I pick this lovely pattern because I was bound and determined to show that you do not need to drop your sticks when the weather gets above 70. Also, it's really pretty, knit from the top down and it is not just miles and miles of stockinette stitch.

There is a little bit of lace.

Some cool and again clever "shaping" that comes from the angled stripes.
The Low Down:
Pattern: Erquy by Heather Dixon (whom I think is so creative)
Yarn: Koigu kkpm and Cascade Ultra Pima
Modifications: I added 3 rows of angled stripes and due to running out of yarn used the Koigu for the last rows of the lace bottom. I also did a crochet edging on the top because I had to do the last part of the strap with Koigu (ran out of cascade) and wanted it to blend a bit better. Raveled here

Oh, I almost forgot I did not do a backward loop cast on. I really hate them and with so many stitches it was just going to be a mess so I actually cast on with a long tail cast on instead. This meant I had 3 separate pieces of knitting when I joined in the round.

Crochet edge done with Koigu

Back view to show the straps, it looks fine..right?                           

 I am actually not so happy with how I look in it, but I am happy with how it turned out as a whole. If I were to knit this again I'd go up a size so it wouldn't show the ladders where it was increases/decreased and I would most definitely make it even longer.

I am holding on to summer for as long as I can even though I have somehow managed to have almost already completed my first fall project. I am in no way looking forward to wearing it anytime soon. Well... maybe just a teeny, tiny bit.