Monday, November 11, 2013

Felt Advent Calendar AKA I made something from pinterest.

Gasp...has it really been since May. I really had no idea but I made a choice to focus on the making of things and less the talking about the making of things so here we are in the middle of November with my first post in months.

Luckily I have been making things and really wish I had time to show them all off but for today I am picking something I made last year that I never got a chance to write and it's timely.

The reason I had no chance to write about my advent calendar is because I started one week before Dec 1st sooo I was a bit busy and I was literally one step ahead of each day adding the ornament and pocket.

I was clearly inspired by this one I found on Pinterest. I used brighter colors and only two shades of green in my tree. I hand drew everything and made little paper templates for all the tree pieces and ornaments. I loved working with felt and plan on doing more once my to do list gets smaller, heh. I still have some little details I want to add. I see it as a work in progress that I'll do a bit to every year.

This is one of my all time favorite ornaments and I kinda wanna make some for my real tree.

I think there is plenty of time for anyone who is inspired to get crackin !