Friday, April 29, 2011

Shazam Shalom, you can do it too!

Pretty button that cost almost as much as the yarn

Really on a roll now. I knit this in...wait for it...a week from start to finish not including the dang blocking which this sweater does need.


I actually started this sweater on Thursday the 21st but had to frog and start over and I finished it on Thursday the 28th but didn't have a button and had to go get one on Friday.
Blocked, this sweater has an odd shaped when flat but looks really nice on.

The Low Down
Pattern: Shalom
Gauge: 13 Stitches = 4 Inches

I was hot to knit this because I'm teaching a class about top down sweaters at my LYS Knit Around in Ann Arbor in fact this very pattern. I have already made a Shalom once before but it was modified in all kinds of ways (sleeves, no waist shaping, short rows in the back). The challenge here was to knit it as written.

When I say challenge I mean it. It took everything I had not to modify this pattern, not because it's a poor pattern but as it turns out I don't think I've made anything lately that was as written. It's a bad habit I have of just changing stuff. Liking the basics but doing things to make it exactly what I want or how I like to knit.
So hard to take a picture to capture how nice it looks.
Probably didn't help that I was the model and Photographer.

This sweater is a great first sweater for any knitter who knows how to knit and purl. You learn a lot, you can finish it pretty quickly, and there are only two ends to weave in! If your interested and live near the Ann Arbor area sign up! Class is in the evening 6-7:30 May 25th and June 8th.

Toe up class!

Recognize the yarn from these? Leftover from Birthday Bear!

Better late than never is really a saying I use too much but it's so applies to many things I (eventually) do. I made these socks for Loki as a result of teaching a two at a time, toe up, magic loop sock class (say that three times fast) this past January at Knit Around Yarn Shop here in Ann Arbor.

The low down:
Pattern: Custom as you go
Yarn: Koigu Kpppm
Gauge: not important, tried on as I went.
Techniques: Figure 8 cast on, short row heal , magic loop

I'll be teaching the class again in May over 2 Saturdays on the 14th and the 28th 10-12 class fee is only $35!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Budgie!

Yes, thats right another budgie sweater! I made two for his brother (one here and the other here) so I didn't want him to feel left out, plus I really enjoy this project. Although I must admit that what drew me to this project has also become what makes it take me so long to finish it. The ZIPPER, I actually finished knitting this well before Christmas but could not bring myself to put that dang zipper in. The only thing that finally pushed me into putting the zipper in was the warm weather that is going to hopefully be here very soon. Once I broke down and sewed it in, it really only took about 15 min. or so (smacks head).

The Low Down:
Yarn: Malabrigo Rios and Mountain Colors Rover Twist 1 Skien of each
Gauge: 5 Stitches = 1 inch
Modifications: This was also knit from the top using my modifications from this post.
I knit it at a larger gauge so I really just followed the instructions for the 18-24 month size. I think it comes out to be a long 4T size.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yes, I have been busy...SEE!

Even though the blog has been kinda well, unloved as of late, it's not because I've been sitting around eating bon bon's or anything.

I'm working on all sorts of things but, see, well nothing is quite finished and I have a really bad habit of starting new projects before old ones are done.

Here is a peek at what I'm working on. Can you guess what they are?

I've been working on this since last summer.

This one is all done except for a way to close it.

This one I started a couple of weeks ago and am soo close...