Friday, January 21, 2011

That's So Last Year.

Well this is embarrassing. I swore that my last post was in December but no..November..eek! Anywaaay...moving on.

2010 was the year of hats for me. I knit a total of 4 hats for people other than myself. The first one you may remember from this post that I made for Astas. I figured I'd start with the littlest of heads. After that I jumped right on up to the biggest head in the family,my husband, who is terrible ignored in the world of my knitting do to the fact that any project for him would take forever. A hat, I figured, would be the fasted thing I could knit for him.

I wanted something easy, but cool looking. I stumbled upon a copy of Stephen West Knits Book 1 and found the perfect hat, Piece Out. It is manly, interesting to knit in a worsted weight gauge and has a pop of color. Love It! I'd been looking the Daybreak shawl from Stephen for sometime and really love his work. i was glad to find something of his to knit.
The only the it's missing is the button, I'm still searching for the perfect one.

Next in line was a hat for Loki, he had just outgrown his hat that I knit for him when he was 6 months old (yes I said 6mo and yes he just at 3 1/2 outgrew it, I made it a wee bit too big). I really just madeLoki's hat up along the same lines as Astas' hat but less pointy and no fluff at the top.

Why yes I used the same yarn for both hats!

Didn't you say 4 hats? Yes, but the forth and final hat of 2010 I have no photos of. It made it in just under the wire (Jan 30th) and was presented as a gift to my boss still wet from blocking. I knit the Brattleboro from New England Knits, which might just be my new favorite book.