Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Proof Is In The Knitting.

Hey, look I'm knitting! Wonder of wonders! Wonder what I'm knitting?

Can you tell yet? 

I'm sure you may recognize the yarn. Why yes, it's Swish Worsted, again ( I bought way, way to much for the moderne log cabin baby blanket). The colors are Lawn and Marine Heather. 

What about now!

I'm making a pair of wee pants for Astas. I'm using the Cargo pattern from Knitty Summer 05 issue. I'm knitting 2 legs at a time on one needle using magic loop. I'm super lazy and any way to get stuff done that even seems faster and easier, I'll take it!  Someday soon I'm going to do a blog tutorial on the old 2 at a time magic loop I just got to get all the info together in an easy to understand way. Anyway......

My plan for these pants is to, 
A: not put pockets on ( refer to aforementioned laziness) 
B: make them into a jumper of sorts (you'll see when I'm finished what I'm talking about)

A sort of terribly lit close up of the color change

It's working great although I think I could be pulling a bit tighter to have less of a seam due the magic loop and it kinda bulges because of the floats of yarn from the stripe changes.

One thing about working two pant legs (sleeve's, socks, ect..) at a time and in stripes is that you have kind of a yarn nightmare you really have to stay on top of or you will spend precious knitting time untangling the mess.

Note the mess on the right! 
(It's really not that bad, as I am keeping it under control)

I hope to finish them before Astas is too big to wear um!


Rae said...

OH man girl you are a blogging machine...I haven't been up on my blogs lately (obviously) so it's been awhile since I stopped by...and holy cow. Impressivo!

Nice stuff -- I like these stripes. And the baby hat pattern looks very cool. Will have to try it soon! (:

Torey said...

those are too cute! i'll have to send my mom over here to check them out!u