Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two at Once

I was going to post this as kinda off topic but then it occurred to me that really it's not at all. Why not? I was figuring this blog is as much about me as it is my crafts. So many blogs are about the person behind the art not just the art. (There is a whole other blog post brewing in here regarding art and craft.)

This evening I took my 1st foray into double babywearing. Two babes at once (well one toddler and a babe).

Astas is in a Pfau Didy wrap  and Loki is in a Babyhawk.

Not the best picture as this was taken right after we got home and it turned out about 30min was all we could handle. Loki was ready to jump out, but I made him pose for a quick pic for proof that it happened at all. 

I was surprised at how "easy" it was to throw two kids in carriers and trot off into the woods. I bet if I keep it up I'll be back to my fighin' weight in no time.


Meaghan said...

wow, i love your pfau!!

Torey said...

you're too cute!

Bev said...

:o this photo is so made of win. I managed tandem nursing but wearing two I wouldn't have made it up a hill. kudos!

Siv said...

ohhhh I feel my back and feet complaining just looking at the picture.. wow !!!