Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, Summer, how I never even knew you.

 I've been away again. (I know hard to tell.) This time on vacation up north here in Michigan. It started out all rainy and cold and blah. The weather perked up and by mid week it was warm enough to dip a toe into Lake Michigan.

We had a lot of firsts on our trip:

Loki's  (and Astas') 1st boat ride! 

Loki's 1st time "fishing".

Loki's 1st Kayak ride!

Loki's 1st ever taste of superman ice cream that for some reason I forgot to get a picture of. Let me tell you that flavor is gross, trust me on this, as I was the one who licked the edges to keep them from dripping. I should have just let it drip but the thought of the  crazy bright colors staining his clothes was too much to bare.

And a dry bed overnight for Loki. That was a first and so far has been an only.

We mostly just hung out and took it easy. I was super lucky to have 2 kids who napped and went to bed AT THE SAME TIME. 
Really it was amazing. I read several magazines and 
I even had time to knit! Woo Hoo! (more on this in the next post)

So I'm back and a bit saddened by the fact that I feel summer has past me by. I didn't get to the pool enough or spend enough time outside. I feel like my new little one is growing fast and that time is slipping away from me. Hopefully with falls arrival will come a sense of motivation and productivity.

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so cute....!!!!