Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On a Whim Quilt for Loki (WIP)

(Sorry for poor quality photos in advance)

 I really wanted to make Loki a special blanket too and this has been in the works for I think a good year. Me + Sewing= Lazy.

The top is sewn together, YES! I'm aiming to get it done ASAP as I'm running out of time, but I figure I can also work on it once the little babe is here too. No biggie if I don't finish it. Right?

All I have to do it go buy some batting, fabric for the back and binding. I am not making my own binding. What? Your not making your own you say? No way, I am in nooo mood, in fact I'm dreading that part all together. It's store bought all the way.

On another note, If I'm gone a super long time with no updates I apologize in advance also, but I'll have something a bit more pressing than updating the old blog. We'll see!

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