Saturday, November 14, 2009

As Promised, Item #1

Ahhhhhh, finally, I've finished something:
Astas' Pants 

Or Jumper/Overalls

These started out as Cargo from Knitty, but then morphed into my own pattern (I'll provide details in an upcoming post) These can be worn with or without the re-moveable straps. There are buttons on the front and back and the straps have the buttonholes.
These skull buttons on the front of the "pants" were originally going to go on a sweater I made for Loki last year. I think they found a better home here.


Kri Burkander said...

OMG. So fabulous. I want to learn how to make them!!

Erin Wallace said...

How cute - I especially love the skull button!

Rae said...

Those are adorbs! LOVE IT!!!

Torey said...

My mom wants this pattern!! Care to share?