Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two Steps Forward! Slippers!

YES! Loki's Slippers are done. 

They have actually been knit for several weeks, it just took me forever to get the motivation to felt them. Of course now that they are done Loki wants nothing to do with them. 

I had to bribe him to put them on  so I could take a picture:

Mmmmm yummy peppermint JoJo

These were made using a double strand of Lanaloft in the color marmalade . I still have plenty left and have already started in on a pair of mittens. Yes, I am still starting new things without finishing old things


Rae said...

How do they KNOW?!?! It's like they can sense that this is the only thing you really want them to like...

random Cindy said...

These are adorable. If he's like my kids he'll take to them as soon as you put the camera away! Sweet picture of you knitting with the baby sleeping on your lap too. (I came over from Rav)

Kookababy said...

He is still ignoring them and walking around the house with icicle toes. Ugh, I hope soon. Welcome Cindy! Thanks for visiting, I love Rav more and more each day.