Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a Cool Koolhaas

What's that you say? It's 90 degrees and I'm wearing a hat?

Well, it is made out of wool and SILK, silk, which is cool right?

As you can see I'm knitting out of season but, man I have been wanting to knit this hat for ages and I had all this yarn leftover from my buttercup shirt and I've been wanting get over the hump over doing a cabled pattern. Perfect! Let's knit a hat in the heat (and I mean HEAT) of the summer.
Can you tell that this is not me?

The Low Down
I love this yarn! It is soft and light and pretty. It's also a joy for me to knit with. I highly recommend trying it if you haven't already.

The way this hat decreases and keeps the pattern is so wonderful. I really liked making this hat, but I'm not sure I like all the fiddlyness of handling a cable needle. I think I'm going to have to learn to do it without a needle. I like to keep things as simple (and lazy) as possible. Although I did like working with the wooden brittany cable needle. It had a nice feel to it and it didn't slip out too easy, plus it looks nice.

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Michelle said...

I LOVE this pattern! I knit this hat for my husband last year, but didn't get nearly as wonderful a reult as you did. I used a yarn that was too variegated, and it "ate" the texture of all those glorious cables