Monday, October 10, 2011

Gone Fishing!

More Slap Dash Sewing stuff...Introducing the Slap Dash Fishing Game.

The Low down:
Fabric: odds and end of stuff I'm not crazy about
Other Materials: Poly-fil, weak magnets in the fish, high power magnets in the hooks, sticks from the yard, cotton string.

A game of patience.
   I did the fish freehand because my goal was to get it done as soon as possible. They about 6 inches long with a magnet in the mouth area and stuffed with poly-fil. I fashioned some "hooks"with scraps leftover from the fish and high powered magnets. I sewed this to a cotton string then tied it to a stick I had the boys pick out.

If I were to make this again I think I'd put the high powered magnet in the fish and the weak one in the hook. I think I'd also use a bit less stuffing so the fish were lighter.
Can you tell which are fish and which are leaves?
I imagine this will be an indoor game in the winter when we are stuck inside and dreaming of warmer weather.

 For now it's fun enjoying an Indian summer fishing in our yard.

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