Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos AKA My Glass is Half Full

Sooooo it's been a bit...

While I didn't outright fail on the kids clothing week (I did sew more than an hour each day, I swear!) I didn't meet my goal *sigh* things happen, dinners need to be made, sick kids have to go to the doctor, husbands have birthdays that need cake...the list goes on and on and on.

At least I'm done in time for a day where my pants fit right it.

These Treasure Pocket Pants are from the great book Sewing For Boys. I've had the idea "in my head" for ages and used the KCWC as the kick start I desperately needed to make them reality, unfortunately I didn't have any idea how much time these would take. It probably would have been more clear had I actually read the pattern before I cut my fabric (oops!)

One of the reasons the pants took me so long is the lovely seam construction and attention to detail. These pants are built kid tough. I think the knees will blow before anything else. My littles could not wait to put these on and find treasures to put in the clever pockets.

The other is that I made two pair using the same fabric but in different sizes. You can use your imagination to picture all the comedy show that was me putting a 4t panel with a 3t one High-larious!

Really he loves them...

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