Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wild, well not really, weekend!

My little sister got married on Saturday and she couldn't have had nicer weather. The day was sandwiched in between two days of not the best weather, everyone had a great time! There was a minor snafu in regards to the music (my job) My ipod totally went wonky, all my music was wiped right off it. It had to reboot and then we were good to go. Good thing Rodger brought the computer. Anyway, we all stayed out too late. Poor Loki was asleep on the dance floor, because his mom is a dancin' fool.

Despite all the fun wedding stuff I managed to get 5 bunnies cut out, 4 bunnies sewn and my machine threaded with pink to start sewing more. Whew! I'm trying to crank it out and get it going before the crazy holiday season is upon us and I find I have no time for anything at all.

Pictures of stuff to follow just because it makes the post more exciting. 

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