Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the Season: Stocking Disaster?

I'm being partly probably overly dramatic but you may know how it is when a project just dosen't turn out the way one has planned. Such is my plight. I'm going to carry on with this post as intended and then get to the "disaster" part.

It all started with the stocking my mom made me.


I made my husband (at the time my boyfriend) a stocking  out of some prefab wool felt (it's the one on the left with the white top).  I made Loki's stocking out of a wool sweater I felted ( I was just getting into the whole recycled wool felt thing)

I did a bit of embrodery (badly, so no photo)
I even added a tiny snowman to my husband's 
(cute so there is a photo)

Stockings hung with care!

But wait, we need one more. I ran out to the thrift store to get a red wool sweater to felt. This is where the "disaster" begins. They didn't have any. They only acrylic blends, which will not felt. Ugh, I settled on a nice one with a cable. I traced my pattern and sewed it up. 

Looking good?

Then I went to hang it and it faces the opposite way. DISASTER! I know it's really not and in fact have found a solution. I was going to just use the plain non-cabled side, but then discovered that Loki's could face any direction (his just has a few Christmas pins in it that are easy to move).

All is well

Well? Kinda, I just don't have the energy to make another so I will just have to get used to it. I think it's going to drive me crazy but I really think it's more important that the stocking is nice looking rather than face a certain direction.

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