Monday, January 25, 2010

Crafty Mama Sidetrack

(Small departure from knitting and sewing)

As you may or may not know I am totally obsessed with babywearing (not to mention cloth diapers) I sold my beloved Pfau and have moved on to a colorgrown waves. It comes in a really blah kinda brown, but has great "cush" factor.

Astas in a double hammock pre dye.

Totally gratuitous cute baby shot.

I naturally had to have it but couldn't live with the brown so I ventured into the world of fabric dyeing. Not that I hadn't been there before, but it's been a while (collage 1994 or 1995)

I used Procion MX dye  in Lavender and mostly followed directions from Dharma Trading for vat/machine dyeing . 

Astas in a messy Wrap Cross Carry post dye.

Here's how I went about dyeing my wrap:
First I dissolved about 1/2 a box of kosher salt in a bucket then added it to the full washing machine. Then I made some chemical water to make my dye slurry (pulling from my fashion school dye experience) I have no idea if it helped or not. It certainly didn't hurt. I added the dye to the salt water in the washing machine and let it mix in before I plunked the wrap in. I left the lid open (so the water wouldn't drain out if I left it to long) and spread an old towel over the opening so no dye water would jump out and get the whole place purple.  

I must be honest and tell you I did not time it at all. I just checked the wrap here and there (with rubber gloved hands) I freaked out a tiny bit because it seemed way dark. So I took the wrap out and put it into our utility sink while I added the soda ash (which I had already dissolved in warm water) I let that swish around a bit then put the wrap back in for 'um' about 10 min I think. I was way less worried after adding the soda ash. The color seemed to mellow a bit after adding it. I let the color drain out,rinsed,washed and...

Viola, lavender waves!

I did all the dyeing in my washing machine (ack!) I 'm a bit scared to wash anything for fear it might also turn purple (I'm sure it won't but..)

Sorry for the sidetrack but I just had to post about this because I'm so excited it turned out well. The project that was supposed to be here is in fact finished this is not just another stall tactic, I swear.


Charlotte said...

Oooooh, We LOVE CGW! Your lavender looks great! My husband calls it 'that marshmallow one' when I told him the reputation that wrap has. I don't actually mind the color that much but now your lavender waves makes me want to dye mine. Did it keep it's cushiness?

Ronii said...

Oh! It turned out really nice! :)
Reminds me of when my mom helped my dad with colouring a jacket for him in their washer, but afterwards, when the machine was full of black colour, decided that cleaning it was something he would be able (and have) to do himself ^^'

Casey said...

Whoa! It is wonderful! Great job, and I hope you get LOTS of use out of it!

Kookababy said...

Thanks everyone! The cush is still the same, but it does need breaking in still because it was brand spankin' new when I got it.