Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Critters for Warmer Necks

Since the hats I made last year for the boys still fit and I haven't made a scarf in ages these cute critters seemed like just the right thing. Half toy, half practical winter garment.

The Low Down
Pattern: Morehouse Farm Frog Scarf , I bought it as a kit but you can also just buy the pattern
Modifications: I increased less for the head to make the scarf as a whole smaller so that it would be kid sized and I knit the legs for only 15 repeats. I also put stitches on a holder instead of binding off for front legs because I really do not like the backwards loop cast on (or as they call it in the pattern an e loop cast on) 
New Measurements: widest part of mouth 4",body 2 1/2" wide, 39 1/2" long from tip of toes to bottom of toes.

He loves that the mouth can open.
I don't know if you can tell but there is a band aid that you can just barely see on Loki's forehead. Don't worry he's fine it's just for show. It all started when I told him the story of peter pan. The thing that stuck was Tinkerbell, he is now totally into fairies. He has been wearing wings from my costume all week, even to bed. Enter the Tinkerbell and friends band aids that my Mom got him. He used them up the very 1st day on himself and his stuffed animals. All but one fell off. He is going on 4 days wearing this band aid on his forehead. Nothing I can do or say can convince him to take it off. I may just have to do it in his sleep.

Moving on...

The Low Down
Yarn: Gator 2 ply 
Modifications: None!

Do you know how hard it is to get one kid let alone two to pose together for anything? It's hard. Between asking to see on the camera, goofing off and pushing each other it's darn near impossible to snap both looking at the camera.
It was between this,

or this.
and a few others they were just blurs


Molly Ging said...

LOVE THEM! Those are so cute... and i'm not just talking about the kids :)

Kacy said...

Those are so adorable, and I can relate to the difficulties in getting two kids to pose together. Well done on both counts!