Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fabric Love

Long ago I made a sort of pact with myself to only by fabric or yarn with a project in mind. So far I have been really good about it, although that doesn't mean I have a stash of someday project yarn (and fabric) laying around.

When I came across the Loulouthi collection from Anna Maria Horner I really wanted to buy some of it but had nothing in mind and really didn't need another project. What did I do? I plan on making a king size quilt and bought a bunch of fat quarters, that's what.

 30 Fat Quarters! I need more to actually make the quilt.

Lined up all pretty!

With my track record on quilts I'm saying this will be done in oooh, say 5 years?  I kid, I hope. I'm aiming for early 2012! Wish me luck!

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