Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread Goodness

We have been busy around here with all sorts of fun holiday activities. We chopped down a tree, hung our stocking and we are renovating a small part of our house. Yes, we added on the stress of knocking down a wall to our holiday checklist.

Amidst the chaos of saws and hamming we made our very first gingerbread house from scratch! With the help of my sister and niece we managed to engineer and pretty good looking structure without the use of a template. We googled a basic recipe and set to work.

All the pieces.
Ready to get started.

Working hard.
Royal icing to stick things together.
It's done!
The proud builders.
I did all the sticking together of the house pieces and then I let the kids do the rest with no help and very little guidance from me. Although I did have to sometimes spread the icing on or blob it where directed. I think we all did a pretty nice job.

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