Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holly Jolly Crafty Christmas!

Way back in the beginning of December at the insistence of my four year old we went out on a rainy Sunday to get our tree. I was pestered into putting our tree up and decorations out earlier than planned. Bottom line, my boy has the spirit!
So hard to get a clear picture with all the rain.
As we go careening in to Christmas (where the heck has the time gone) we have done our fair share of holiday crafts. The first of which was a handmade stocking. A stocking made for Loki's bunny because if Bunny didn't have  stocking "how would he get any presents?" I agreed quickly because believe it or not an idea formed instantly.

The Low Down:
Material:  Two pieces of red sparkly poly felt, some scrap yarn and a wide eyed blunt tipped needle. Embellishments of choice, ours happened to be a pink iron n B.
Right sides facing.
I drew out a stocking  shape then I cut it out and punched holes in the felt. 
After this I went back and widened with the blunt needle.
I then handed it over to Loki. He was impressively good at sewing it up. He didn't skip a hole and the only tangles came from the yarn being too long (which I had to adjust) .  It was super fun and simple.
Working into the wee hours of the night. Please excuse the grainy pictures.

 After it was done I had Loki tell me where to place the B and then ironed it on for him. Not ready to let a four year old operate a hot as fire iron just yet.

A boy, his bunny and a freshly hand made stocking!

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