Monday, December 12, 2011

Unselfish Knitting

I have been knitting a ton of stuff for myself lately. I have three projects half way done and a couple more I'm dreaming up for me and only me. I also have two that are done except for blocking, sigh, I really dread blocking.

 I have a couple of ladies I know due with their first born, one of them a girl. I took that as an opportunity this past week to take a break from my selfish knitting and whip up a tiny girly cardigan.

I have long been itching to knit something girly and so I took this as my chance. What's funny is that when I was searching for patterns I had a really hard time. Most of the newborn knits where things that I'd knit for the boys, hum? The other thing that made it hard was my time frame. I needed something quick, but cute. Cutting it close is an understatement. I cast on Tuesday for a sweater that needed to be done by Sunday. I finished knitting on Thursday, wove in ends on Friday and gifted on Sunday. Phew! Talk about speed knitting.

 I'm really pleased with this little cardigan. It was such a fast, fast knit with enough stuff going on to keep it interesting.

The Low Down
Pattern: Lillie Baby Cardigan
Yarn: Liberty Wool
Mods: I used size 10 needles to make it a tiny bit bigger. I did one extra buttonhole (4 buttons) by knitting 5 extra rows and Knit 19 rounds (left out Purl row)for sleeve then worked 2 repeats of feather and fan.

I used silver buttons but really wanted to go for red or bright green. I wasn't sure if the mom to be would like the contrast so I played it safe and really like the way it turned out. The end result is less baby more classy.

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