Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UFO Sighting #1 Magic Loop Socks

I have many unfinished projects sitting on needles and holders. I thought it might be interesting to take pictures and post some of them. Maybe it will actually get me to finish something. The  1st item/s up for review are a pair of socks I started in 2003 maybe?

                 *With Flash*                    *Without*
Neither one really does the yarn justice. What yarn is it you say? 

Koigu Kersti! 

What colorway is it? Your guess is as good as mine??? It's a lovely apple green/yellow speckled with dk blue.

            *Poor Close Up*
Yes, it's the purl side out! Why? Well when I first started knitting socks it just happened and it took me a few socks to figure out that I could actually stop it from happening. Hum? Fancy that? Also I'm Knitting on size 3 needles instead of the recommended  size 6, to produce a dense and warm sock.

You may have noticed in the picture that I'm not using double pointed needles. I have actually never used them. My preferred method for knitting socks is 2 at a time, toe up, magic loop. I use a figure 8 cast on and do M1  increases for the toe. There is no pattern for the socks I just try them on as I go when it seems right I do a short row heel. My one big problem is that I tend to make my heels too pointy (perhaps I get carried away with the short rows?)

These are sooo close to being done all the hard stuff is out of the way. I just need to go up a bit more (I like short socks). Besides I really could use my size 3 needles back.

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