Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best Laid Plans or Falling Down on the Job.

So I see now that maybe I was being a bit ambitious trying to post every other day, which I have already failed to do. Sorry. I guess it takes longer than I thought to type one handed and not to mention actually get something done to post. Ack!

Here we have something I did not create but wanted to share. Super tiny, super cute baby shoe/booties. You ask: Why are they not on a baby? Well they are tiny. They fit my 6 pounder for about a week (who now now seems huge to me in relation to said booties).  

I feel sad because they are too darn cute. Also, it's hard to find good boy stuff out there in the world of baby and toddler so when I do I like to find more or tell others. This one is a mystery. They were a gift. I'd love to find a pattern for them so I can make bigger ones!
I'll leave you with a picture of the baby that they do not fit.

Astas is wearing my new favorite diaper cover: A Thirsties Duo in size 1 ocean colored cover over a prefold! We get all our diapering gear from the super awesome store The Little Seedling located here in A2 MI!

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