Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Potty Learning Fun! Or Not. (More Wool Longies!)

So I was super productive today because I decided to be try to be diaper free (or down to 1 in diapers) with Loki.

Here is my 2nd pair of wool longies :
And my 3rd: The 1st were done sometime in the winter. Check them out here and here!

The 2nd pair has no elastic at the waist. I figured that the fabric was pretty stretchy and tight-ish so we will see how it goes/ fits once the toddler wakes from his nap.

The 3rd pair have elastic at the waist and I think they are going to be too big. I may end up redoing them. We will see.

I will be using these over "training" pants at night and cross my fingers they work. I should mention that I am also planning on Lanolizing them too.

Gotta run baby is awake!

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