Friday, August 7, 2009

Sakura Bloom Love Affair!

If you didn't know already I love babywearing and am super happy to be able wear the newest addition and can't wait to try wearing both at once! Right now I'm re-falling in love with my Sakura Bloom silk essentials ring sling (Nursing the "little" in it as I type) It's a double layer of silk and is so comfy, supportive, versatile and beautiful!

Here it is: Me wearing the little one last week.

Here it is: Me wearing the big one during Halloween and just before Christmas!

I dream of owning an artisan stripe! Really I do need 2, really.

This sling is great for a toddler, but oh man is it perfect for a newborn. Super snug and secure.

Nearly all the ladies at work have one now! How could they not?
If you missed it check us out at the Sakura Bloom blog.

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Torey said...

love the pictures! and love that artisan stripe. . .i need one too!