Wednesday, March 21, 2012


How is it that once you have kids time seems to speed up and years fly by. With all these people telling me to cherish every moment you think that you could slow things down and take a second to enjoy your baby, toddler or new five year old but no... time flits past and where you once had a squishy tiny newborn now stands an adorable seemingly huge five year old.

Every year I take a picture just as they are waking up (they pretty much all look like this)

Up until now we have not had a party (well not counting his 1st birthday) but I remember my fifth birthday so I felt that it was important to help make his very memorable and thanks to Pinterest I hope I did. In fact it was Pinterest's fault that I had so much work to do what with all its good party ideas and stuff. Thanks A LOT Pinterest.

Homemade pixie sticks, adorable paper straws, tiny milk bottles (really cleaned frappaccino bottles), rainbow fruit kabobs and my own touch of a fabric scalloped fabric bunting and homemade goody bags. I'm tired just remembering all of it.

Ready to party!

With the exception of the pixie sticks (more on the big FAIL later), all was a success! I am so happy with how everything turned out and plan to use the bunting for every party we have since I worked so hard on it. Who new that round would be so time consuming a thing to sew and iron, but boy I love the look better than the pointed kind.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little guy!

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