Monday, March 5, 2012

Gifted Knitting

I have to admit I'm a very, very selfish knitter. I love knitting. I knit everyday if I can. I want what I work on to stay with me. Of course if I really kept to this I would have a house bursting full of knits and not enough kids or days or me to wear them.

So on that note and to keep my mind and fingers busy with yarn I knit this lovely sweater for my mom. I gave it to her for Christmas unfinished. In years past I have given people unfinished knits and, well, they have remained that way.  Not so with this one!

The Low Down
Pattern: Cardigan Bay Jacket by Carol Feller
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Ushya colorway 1706 or greenish (the same yarn I used in my Cardiff Coat, just a different color)
Modifications: Less waist shaping and did snaps instead of buttons.

My mom had asked me to knit her something with boucle yarn, to which I cringed and searched and told her NO. I continued my search for a sweater (and yarn) I wanted to knit that she would also like and came up with the Cardigan Bay. It had texture that I though oozed comfort and cuddly.

When I gave it to her I did not have the snaps on yet and was hoping that she would be fine just using the belt. Not the I added the snaps I had planned for thinking it would be less of a pain then buttons. NOT THE CASE! Snaps are a huge time consuming pain that I had to force myself into getting done. Overall it was worth it because I really like the clean look of the snaps with the belt but next time I think snaps I may think again.

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molly ging said...

Super cute! Your mom will look adorable in it... snaps or no.