Friday, March 23, 2012

Goody, Goody, Goody!

Wordy start, but stick with me!

As part of my make it as memorable as possible birthday party I made goody bags. I made them even though I do not care for it when my own kids receive a goody bag. I am happy just to help the person celebrate and do not need anything to make it feel like it was worth my while for going. There has even been some recent press regarding goody bags and how they can get out of control or that they can be filled with junk you will just throw out when you get home. All this aside, I had a kid who was hell bent on having goody bags to hand out, so if I was to stick with my intent (you know making the memories) goody bags were a must

On the flip side of all the negative, a nice way to think of it is that giving is better than receiving. The goody bag kinda helps the birthday person experience this. I knew I didn't want to have bags bursting with dollar store trinkets and penny candy, but what to do?

Here is what I came up with:

I thought it was important for Loki to have a hand in the making of the bags. First he made a painting and then we cut it up and he signed the bottom to use as thank you notes.

In each bag we put a favorite toy we always get when we go to the zoo.

These are the size of a penny which I should have included for scale...Oh, well!

We closed each bag with a little button. I love these and all the cute sayings. I though it would be something the kids could pin on a jacket or bag to always remember the party.

Also should have used coins to show scale..these are a bit smaller than a quarter.

Last but not least the bags also had a mini Star Wars fruit roll up per Loki's request (no photo of those). I put all but the buttons inside a wax paper bag that I sewed up in the birthday boys favorite color, pined them shut and voila! not too terrible, kinda lovely goody bags.

 I love, love, love sewing paper but let me warn you wax paper, not so much. It is a pain. I would use parchment instead if I were to do this again.

At the end of the party we had a goody bag "egg" hunt (also Loki's idea) because it was 80 degrees in March. 

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